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he tax-col●lector, and people who are willing to ●make further loans to us, so long is the pa●yment of coupons assured.Beyond that the fo▓reign bondholder has no right to inquire●. Please tell me whethe▓r in your opinion there is a hidden▓ deficit in the Russian budget▓, or whether there is none. ● I am telling you that as long as t●here are p

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    really pay its ▓debts, and cannot bear the burdens ●of modern national life On the ●contrary, Russia is intrins

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    ically so rich a land● in uncovered treasures that it only n▓eeds another and a just régim●e to pay its debts and

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    to assume still further● burdens. And this other régime T●he banker pointed to the east●.Our future is being

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    decided there.If it goes▓ hard with us there, it may become▓ better here more quickly th▓an is suspected. Hence

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    , worse for the b▓ankers, said I, jokingly. People acc●ustom themselves to honesty when ●there is no other way,

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    answered the b●anker, also jokingly.And when● universal honesty comes into vogue, it will no▓ longer be a shame to

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be honest. Wit▓h this I parted from the banker, whose pleasin●g cynicism always amused me, the m▓ore so since I

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